Janique Johnson is a student at Merced College in Merced, California.

Janique Johnson
3/23/2012 02:52:03 am

I find it very disturbing how so many sick people go to certain doctors offices and the Hospital here in Merced and are told there is nothing wrong. I know a countless number of community members who have gone to seek medical attention but instead of recieving the help they needed, they were told nothing was wrong, that maybe it was a hallucination or something of that sort.
The lives of others are in the hands of the doctors and nurses that help them, and it is wrong to misinform someone who is ill becuase it could be life threatening. Dont get me wrong there are plenty of Doctors and nurses that really care and do there best work to help, and i commend them.
Anywho, For the past week my 5 year old sister has been quite ill, and suffering from symptoms like fatigue, vomiting red, unable to eat and could barely talk, and chest pain. We took her first to our doctor who told us she had an ear infection, we took her to the emergency room twice and they said it was a cold and that it will clear up. So finally last night my mother had to travel to Madera to visit the hospital there and they found that my sister had a severe case of pnemonia, was dehyrdrated and would have to stay for the next four days.
number one, Why should anyone from Merced have to drive out of town for medical attention, when so much money was spent on the big and beautiful new hospital? Why was my sister seen on more than one occasion by more than one proffessional here in Merced yet still left misdiagnosed? I want to raise awareness to this issue, and i want to know why so many people have had expieriences like mine. Has anything like this ever happened to you or someone you know?


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