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12 step program to professional and personal success

James W ferguson, Jr
1/18/2012 02:33:07 am

Cultural Assimilation In Corporate America. How to navigate and survive.

Cultural Assimilation Iin the workplace and beyond. What are the advatages and how do you navigate the pot holes of failure and opportunities? Are cultural differences accepted in the workplace? Is sponsorship the key to success? Are hidden cultural assimilation traps real? How to avoid playing the cultural victim in the work place and beyond?

What is the role of minority veterans in the work place? Should they be stewards and role models for the younger gerneration? These questions and real time data points are just a few challenges that people of different ethnic orgins and cultures face in today's corporate structure.

Success in cultural assimilation and beyond the work place is about preparation, timing, execution, sponsorship and the desire to interface and interact with people from diverse backgrounds and ethnic orgins. Because in reality at the end of the day, it all comes down to are you value added.

James W Ferguson, Jr
1/23/2012 04:45:47 am

Excellent article by Trudy Bourgeois, featured writer on Human Resources related workplace issues(Huffpost). Her most recent article speaks to White women and the role that they play or can play as sponsers for women of color. In the article, Trudy stresses that in the 21st century, women of color most work with their white counterparts that are in a position to assit them to achieve their objectives in the work place.

I agree with her position that women of color must reach out to develop relationships in the effort to move up the corporate latter. Women of color must not forget that execution, performance and the ability to interface with diverse groups of people is a must for success.

James W ferguson, Jr
3/5/2012 06:00:56 am

What is the first step in the 12 step program to success?

To say that any step is better than another step to start the process to professional/personal success I believe starts with what you are made of meaning your core. Who you are and what defines you as an individual.

The first step in the process centers around the vital issue of a solid platform and base. I call it the framework. This is how people gather information through many formats when they encounter you. The concept of first impressions are lasting impressions does hold value. Therefore, it is imperative to shine and display the framework of your true identity.

What do I mean? It is simple as this!!! Character, Dignity, Values and Integrity are the main components to to the first 12 steps to success. Without this base the road to success will be difficult and many bridges will be knocked down in its path. Yes, you may be able to be successful but at what cost.

The ability to be able to sleep at night knowing that you did it with character regardless of the outcome makes for a stronger platfrom.

4/18/2012 11:49:54 am

I totally agree with the 12 steps. Kudos!

7/15/2012 07:39:03 am

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